We live the era of ultimate connectionism. Humans, robots and algorithms are edging towards a new cognitive revolution; inch by inch we are all joining a hybrid hive mind. At Castalia we celebrate and accelerate this change. We strive to bring about a new context for M2M: Mind-to-Machine communication.


We are a team of engineers and innovation consultants bringing together cross-disciplinary skillsets in Artificial Intelligence and Human-Machine Interfaces aiming to streamline Mind-to-Machine communication.

For humans it’s about convenience. Convenience in a two-way interaction that enables a virtuous circle of outsourcing cognition and to obtaining crucial insights.

For machines it’s about comprehension. Comprehension of concepts on a higher level, one step closer to humans’ mental capacity We produce the fundamental tools that companies can use to enhance their technology-based products and services; controlling machines, bringing together and visualising multi-dimensional data and sharing knowledge with our beloved automatons like we are used to teaching each-other. Effortlessly.

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Castalia GraspControl

Castalia GraspControl enables advanced object grasping and manipulation control strategies enabling human-robot collaboration based on Imitation and Deep Reinforcement Learning techniques.

Castalia RobotNavigate

Castalia RobotNavigate empowers robots with localisation, mapping and path planning with advanced situational awareness. It incorporates Monocular and RGB-D visual SLAM techniques combined with real-time scene understanding algorithms.


Castalia BrainConnect

Castalia BrainConnect detects grasping phases directly from EEG signals utilising model ensembles of bleeding-edge Recurrent and Convolutional Neural networks.

Castalia LungScrutinise

Castalia LungScrutinise performs lung segmentation from MRI scans allowing for crisp 3D reconstructions. It can be readily extended with a tailored U-net enabling automatic high-risk regions for nodule detection.


Castalia CropMonitor

Castalia CropMonitor automatically analyses hyperspectral satellite imagery extracting agricultural indices such as the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), and the Photochemical Reflectance Index (PRI).

Castalia PestDetect

Castalia PestDetect is a plug-and-play software module, leveraging the power of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks to deliver high accuracy pest detection on single-board computers.


Every member of our team brings together a unique blend of business and technical skills and first-hand experience in the intricacies associated with bringing tech-driven products and services to the market.

Angelos Skembris

    Managing Partner

Tasos Vasilopoulos

    Innovation Consultant

Marianna Digka

    Innovation Consultant